Monday, 29 October 2012

Should I Cash in my Pension? Yes, if you want to be sure you have a chance to spend it!

Want to improve your cash flow? Getting charged ridiculous interest rates on debts you need to pay off? Now you can take care of your financial problems, without borrowing any more money. Pension release allows you to access practically your entire pension by getting a huge tax-free lump sum to do what you want with.

All your life you have been putting your wages aside every month and, if you don’t make use of an excellent pension release scheme, the chances are you won’t be able to access the money until well into your 70s. Why not make use of tomorrow’s money today? Why should you scrimp and save all your life, when your own money is being horded by greedy pension companies?

Think of all the possibilities on offer with £1000s at your disposable? You could see the world, or invest and double your money, or just improve your overall quality of life. It is obvious that having money when you are young is far more useful, as you have a lot more time to spend it. In today’s threatening, disease filled, dangerous world, how can you be sure you will even live long enough to receive your pension?

If you are still asking yourself, should I cash in my pension? Consider the following: inflation is the highest it’s been for years and the chances are it won’t stop rising for some time yet. This means that the money you are putting aside today will be worth less in the future if the rates of inflation continue. Bear in mind that the retirement age is rising all the time!

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